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Evermil's workshop is fully equipped with state of the art machinery and specialist equipment catering for a wide range of applications and Industrial requirements including:

- Water Jet Cutter

- Hydraulic Press

- Punch Cropper

- Crane Truck

- Guillotines

- C200 Welders

- Work Punt


Evermil specializes in the design and fabrication of equipment and industrial structures.

Our products are backed by extensive experience in manufacturing.

our commitment to quality metal products, superior customer service and ability to manufacture,

deliver and assemble has earned us the trust and recognition from our clients and the industry.

Our trades and skills include:

- Boilermakers

- Mechanical Fitters

- Welders

- Carpenters

- Management and

  Supervisory of Staff

- Crane Drivers

- Current Rail Industry Safety

- Trades Assistant

- Electrician

- Riggers

Phone: (02) 4272 9128

Fax: (02) 4272 9129